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The kids enjoyed helping to decorate our Christmas tree earlier this month and I took a few snapshots.   They’re not the best photos but I was more concerned about making sure that the delicate ornaments weren’t being destroyed- so I ended up popping the camera aside and just focussed on the tree……and the kids.    Erin had been quite unwell with a virus of some sort (as you can tell by how miserable and ‘washed out’ she looks in the photo) but still wanted to be in on the action.-

I took a few photos of the angel that sits ‘almost’ at the top of the tree.  We have one large angel that sits on the tree and a smaller angel that I recall being on our family tree when I was a child.  I knew that she was ‘old’ but I didn’t know her ‘story’, so when doing some Christmas cooking with Mum I asked her more about the angel.  It turns out that she was the first ‘shop bought’ Christmas decoration that Mum and Dad had when they were first married.  This means that my little angel is about 45 years old.  Mum and Dad couldn’t afford a tree so she proudly sat on top of a branch of a gum tree. The tree was decorated in little stars that had been cut out of cardboard and coated in glitter.  Later my grandfather made a Christmas tree out of a broom handle and wire with some crepe paper adding that special ‘greenery’.  She later sat upon a ‘shop bought’ Christmas tree throughout my childhood.   I wish I had snapshots of her sitting on her former homes.  At least I now have a snapshot of her on OUR tree.  Who knows whose tree she might end up sitting on in the future


Not so happy snap!

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Every year since having kids I have always sent out Christmas cards with photos of the kids.  This year I have to try and squeeze FOUR kids onto one card.  On the weekend I pulled out the camera spontaneously and thought I would try to get a few nice shots of the kids- Although I hadn’t planned a “photo shoot” I was hopeful that there might be a decent shot I could include on some Christmas cards.  Ah! What a disaster!

I was having a bit of a chuckle at one of the shots! Let’s just say this one definitely WON’T be appearing on the Christmas cards!

I’m SORRY to have not made a blog entry for a few days.  It is been a bit busy in our household and it is tricky trying to find the time to scrapbook or make cards with the little ones underfoot.  They want to play and create things and by the time they have had their fun and we’ve cleaned up- then it doesn’t leave time for me to make a mess and have some fun too! School goes back on Tuesday.  It has been nice having slower-paced days but the holidays have gone WAY TOO fast!   We have also been a little unwell with a virus- nothing major- a few high temps and bit of a cough- but we’re on the mend now.

Early this week I placed my first Stampin’ Up order- I have checked and the products have left Stampin’ Up! and are on their way here!  I will be eargerly awaiting the arrival of the products and will be sure to be in touch as soon as they arrive.  THANK YOU so much to those who supported me with your first order.   I really appreciate your orders and look forward to helping you out with your future orders.  I am especially grateful to those who are sharing the Stampin’ Up! experience with their friends and telling people about my blog.

I was recently chatting online with someone who was overwhelmed by the wonderful choice of products that Stampin’ Up! offers and wasn’t sure what to order.  I understand the feeling all too well and I just wanted to remind everyone that I will be placing orders regularly so feel free to spread out your spending. Did you know that with your permission I can even keep your credit card details encrypted in Stampin’ Ups secure system?- so all you need to do is let me know what you would like to order- I can pull up your details and pop an order in for you! It is all too easy with Stampin’ Up!  and don’t forget….if you DO decide to splash out…..all orders over $300 are eligible for host rewards!

I just wanted to re-cap the OFFERS available this month

– 20% off Simply Sent Card making sets- offer ends TOMORROW!

– 20% off selected Stamp sets to celebrate Stampin’ Up’s 20th Birthday (until the end of this month with any $20 purchase from the catalouge) 

– Half price postage for anyone who orders one of my “Scrapbooking Starter packs” during October. Don’t forget I am able to customise these to your needs! This is a personal offer- not a Stampin’ Up Special.

– Christmas Wish List Program- again this is something I am personally making available to people who  may like to receive Stampin’ Up! Products at Christmas time or give the gift of Stampin’ Up products.  I love buying/giving presents and it would be fun to be one of Santa’s helpers! Where possible free gift wrapping is available.

School Holiday Fun

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Well we all survived the first week of school holidays.  One week down- One week to go!  I actually got a mini sleep-in for a change.  The kids had woken up but were quiet in front of the tv.  When I stumbled out of bed- Adam had cooked toast for everyone but hadn’t managed to locate any plates or anything to spread on the toast.  He seemed pretty impressed with himself though!

For the first time in ages- we actually spent the bulk of the day at home… We didn’t have to worry about being anywhere at a particular time and it was nice not having to wake Luke up from his sleeps to go and collect kids from Kindy or to take them to their various activities.  We were still kept busy of course- rarely a quiet moment with 3 busy, active kids and a baby in the house!

The kids spent hours playing outside today- in and out of the cubby and jumping on the trampoline.  I heard tales of superheroes in our backyard,  Mums and Dads taking trips to the shop,  and Erin was on a mission to find every single slater in our backyard.  At one point we had the music blaring and were all dancing around the backyard together.  Our neighbours must think we are crazy!

There was the odd tiff but on the whole they played nicely. At times Erin and Jared play beautifully but at other times they fight like crazy. Erin lost the plot at Jared at one point and I chuckled quietly to myself as I was reminded of this layout I completed a few months ago of the two of them so I thought I would put it up.  Again same photo- same general design- but two layouts.  One for Jared’s album and the other for Erin’s album



We made a chocolate cake together (on Adam’s request) How could I refuse?  We decided that we would make a cake to celebrate Oma’s birthday (which was yesterday! Happy Birthday Oma/ Bev!!!)  The children had loads of fun decorating with way too much knife licking happening.  Unfortunately the kids were very upset when I explained that we couldn’t actually take the cake all the way to New Zealand.  It’s a shame really- it would have been nice!  I think the photos tell the story- so I won’t go into too many details but lets just say we ended up with about 12 icing coated knives in the dishwasher (after having to replace each one after a good lick!)

I actually managed to get a very simple little layout done today but I haven’t taken a photo yet. I’ll take a photo tomorrow and then put it up on the blog!

…………..I thought I should add- that yes my children normally wear clothes- but the got dirty while they were playing outside while the cake was in the oven- so they were stripped off and cleaned up before icing the cake.  I figured there was no point putting clean clothes on straight away- as odds were high that they would get covered in icing!

Anniversary Day today

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Well today it is our ninth Wedding Anniversay and I woke to find a card placed on top of Luke’s blankets.  Jason left for work before we  were up and he figured that I wouldn’t miss it (when my little alarm clock woke me up this morning!) Thanks Jason Love you! Next year it will be a decade.  Here’s to another few decades of Wedded bliss!

Now here’s a pic of our Wedding Day nine years ago (today)


and a pic of us on our Honeymoon in Mauritius

Luke and I spent some time down at the Playgroup today.  It has been ages since we have been to the centre and it so great to see lots of lovely lawn down there!  There have been so many wonderful projects that have taken place at the centre- and the Committee members (a team of Mums who volunteer their time) have put so much hard work into the place.   It looks fantastic and just seems to be going from strength to strength-

I’m sure we’ll be able to make it along to a few of the sessions during the school holidays that start next week.  I’m sure Jared, Erin and Adam (who haven’t been to the centre since they attended a birthday party there) will love the new lawn! It will be such a great place for Luke to play when he is old enough to run around.  I’m sure it won’t be long before he is running around too- time seems to go way too quickly!

Speaking of time passing quickly……

Jason and I will be celebrating our NINTH Wedding Anniversay tomorrow.  Some days it seems like we have been married longer than that and yet other times it is hard to believe that our Wedding day was actually 9 years ago!  I’m not sure what we will be doing in the way of celebrating.  I’m trying to convince Jason to hold off on the celebrations until the weekend- perhaps we can get a babysitter and go out for dinner or something some time over the weekend.  You see, I am supposed  going to go the local scrapbooking shop for a Scrapbooking session.  Jason is mortified that I would actually consider going scrapbooking instead of celebrating our Anniversary 🙂 We’ll just have to see what happens 😉 

I will have to look at making a card for Jason tommorrow.  I made a card last night that I had intended to make for Jason.  I wanted to use some of the lovely ribbon from the Theatre ribbon pack and the love heart stamp from the Always set.  I headed off in a different direction than I initially intended and I’m not sure it is the right card for him.

No scrappin’ today

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Well I had hoped to get some scrapbooking done today- but it was just ‘one of those days’.  Erin and Adam attended a birthday party and had an absolute ball.    The kids were asked to dress up and I was worried that Adam would want to go dressed as a fairy or a princess but fortunately I was able to convince him that Thomas the Tank Engine was a better idea.  The other day he was dropped off to Kindy by a friend and my Dad collected him from Kindy and he was wearing a lovely fairy outfit.  Apparently he refused to change and K had no other choice but to send him dressed in a frock.  The sad thing was that he LOVED it! Now let’s just hope he grows out of it!  No pictures unfortunately but I’m sure he’ll want to ‘frock up’ again soon and I will take a picture then!    So who said life with three sons would be all about dirt, and slugs and snails and all things boy…….

Speaking of little boys- I want to have  a little play with the Stampin’ Up! Crew Kids Boy Simply Scrappin’ Set but I didn’t get a chance.  Fingers crossed I get an opportunity tomorrow so I can show my first creation

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