October 2, 2008 – Miriam Thomas

Day: October 2, 2008

Unfortunately I haven’t had an opportunity to get any scrapbooking or cardmaking done over the past few days (especially with the school holidays) but I had to jump online to  remind you all about the 20% discount on Cardmaking kits.  I have mentioned this great SPECIAL in a previous blog entry but it is such a great opportunity to order these kits at a discount so I figured it was worth mentioning it again.


Can I interest you in a  Card-making kit?   If you are new to stamping or cardmaking then these would be PERFECT for you because they contain EVERYTHING you need to complete the cards.  Even if you have plenty of experience with papercrafts I know you would love these kits too!


I’m placing an order on Monday 6th October to take advantage of the special where all the card making kits are a fantastic 20% off.




Please check out the links to the online catalogues on the right hand side and you will find the cardmaking kits on pg 12-14 of the main catalogue.    There are 5 kits to choose from:








You can see a full list of contents on the catalogue pages.  Basically, the kit include everything you will need- the cardstock cut to size, envelopes, stamp sets, inks, embellishments such as ribbons, brads or die cut shapes as well as the adhesive to stick everything together.  There are EVEN INSTRUCTIONS (although you can assemble the cards to suit your own personal style) 


Of course, when you have finished the cards you will still have the ink and stamps to make even more cards (you will just need to get more cardstock and adhesive)   The sets come in a lovely box too!


If you are interested- please send me a quick E-mail to let me know.  I will require payment at the time of ordering. (For more details about payment please see the “Place an order” page)


The special only runs for one week to co-incide with World Card making Day and I will be placing the order on Monday 6th October so if anyone is interested- then they need to get in touch with me soon!




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