October 4, 2008 – Miriam Thomas

Day: October 4, 2008

School Holiday Fun

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Well we all survived the first week of school holidays.  One week down- One week to go!  I actually got a mini sleep-in for a change.  The kids had woken up but were quiet in front of the tv.  When I stumbled out of bed- Adam had cooked toast for everyone but hadn’t managed to locate any plates or anything to spread on the toast.  He seemed pretty impressed with himself though!

For the first time in ages- we actually spent the bulk of the day at home… We didn’t have to worry about being anywhere at a particular time and it was nice not having to wake Luke up from his sleeps to go and collect kids from Kindy or to take them to their various activities.  We were still kept busy of course- rarely a quiet moment with 3 busy, active kids and a baby in the house!

The kids spent hours playing outside today- in and out of the cubby and jumping on the trampoline.  I heard tales of superheroes in our backyard,  Mums and Dads taking trips to the shop,  and Erin was on a mission to find every single slater in our backyard.  At one point we had the music blaring and were all dancing around the backyard together.  Our neighbours must think we are crazy!

There was the odd tiff but on the whole they played nicely. At times Erin and Jared play beautifully but at other times they fight like crazy. Erin lost the plot at Jared at one point and I chuckled quietly to myself as I was reminded of this layout I completed a few months ago of the two of them so I thought I would put it up.  Again same photo- same general design- but two layouts.  One for Jared’s album and the other for Erin’s album



We made a chocolate cake together (on Adam’s request) How could I refuse?  We decided that we would make a cake to celebrate Oma’s birthday (which was yesterday! Happy Birthday Oma/ Bev!!!)  The children had loads of fun decorating with way too much knife licking happening.  Unfortunately the kids were very upset when I explained that we couldn’t actually take the cake all the way to New Zealand.  It’s a shame really- it would have been nice!  I think the photos tell the story- so I won’t go into too many details but lets just say we ended up with about 12 icing coated knives in the dishwasher (after having to replace each one after a good lick!)

I actually managed to get a very simple little layout done today but I haven’t taken a photo yet. I’ll take a photo tomorrow and then put it up on the blog!

…………..I thought I should add- that yes my children normally wear clothes- but the got dirty while they were playing outside while the cake was in the oven- so they were stripped off and cleaned up before icing the cake.  I figured there was no point putting clean clothes on straight away- as odds were high that they would get covered in icing!

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