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Two sleeps to go!

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Two sleeps to go until the release of the SUMMER Mini Catalogue! Please send me an E-mail if you would like me to pop a FREE copy of the catalogue in your letterbox for you! There is some lovely stuff in there!

Don’t forget I can put in a last minute order for items from the Spring Mini- but get in quick! The rub-on special (spend $20 and get 20% of rub-ons) also finishes at the end of this month. 

The wonderful news is that due to popular demand the SINGLE marker promotion will continue until the 14th December!  This single marker promotion will be in addition to the December specials-but you’ll have to wait until December before I can tell you about that! Stay tuned! 🙂

Sharing some journalling


I had a nice time attending the Playgroup Fundraiser on Saturday night.  Everyone who attended paid an entry fee and participated in raffles and had the opportunity to scrapbook and enjoy good company- what a great way to make some money for the playgroup-Definitely beats flipping sausages at a sausage sizzle- in my opinion!

I was pleased to be able to donate vouchers to order Stampin’ Up supplies.  Congratulations to the lucky winners!  Most of all it was nice to just get some of my own pages completed.  I managed four pages in total and just now I’ve realised that I only photographed three of them- perhaps the fourth one can wait for another day (otherwise you might end up with scrapbook layout overload!)

All three layouts had a bit of glitter featured on the page.  For Adam’s page- the pieces came already coated in glitter.  For Erin and Jared’ pages I didn’t have any glittery bits that suited so I inked the raw chipboard to colour and than applied a coat of Stampin’ Up! Two way glue and Stampin’ Up! Dazzling diamonds (which is easiest to see on Erin’s page- on the flower in the top left hand corner- the Stampin Up! chipboard brackets and also the flourish)


Journalling reads: You have this ‘thing’ that you can do.  You and Daddy are the only two people I know who can do it.  I’m sure there are many others who can but it is not as though it is a ‘talent’ that people would openly share.  It’s a funny thing you can do with your tongue.  It’s hard to describe but basically you can twist your tongue onto its side reveling the underside of your tongue.  Rolled? Folded? Twisted? I’m not sure which word best describes it.  I wonder whether it is ‘genetic’ or ‘just one of those things’  But either way, I think that is is neat that you have something in common with Daddy that no-one else in the family can do!”

Journalling reads “This photo was taken not long after you turned three years old.  You have had the responsibility of being “big brother” for over 12 months now! You are into all the BIG BOY stuff like riding your bike (with trainer wheels) playing in the monster sized sandpit in the backyard and playing with your mates but… I still see your “baby face”  Perhaps it is the mop of curls in desperate need of a cut or the expression on your face that reminds me of a baby’s toothless grin or perhaps those “big baby blues”  I think that no matter how old you are I will still see your little baby face.”

Journalling reads: “Most parents know how it goes…The room is quiet…you can’t hear the little one babbling in the next room… You know that’s GOT to mean trouble….and yes it was! When I got to the backroom to investigate, there you were with a packet of smarties.  Jared had been to a birthday party and had obviously dropped his smarties on the ground still sealed in the box.  You managed to suck your way right through the box to the chocolatey goodness.  Despite the laughter, I was quietly horrified.  You see, I had barely introduced solids and so far the only foods you had eaten were rice cereal and a selection of pureed fruit and vegetables.  Needless to say you weren’t impressed when I took them off you….but not before I had time to take a quick photo.

I hope that gives all of my visitors to the blog something to look at – and I hope you didn’t mind me sharing my journalling.  It is one of my favourite aspects of scrapbooking…. Don’t forget that I love reading what you have to write too- so I’d love it if you leave a comment to say “Hi” if you drop by to visit my blog!

More layouts for you

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I have some more layouts to share.

For the following two layouts I took the materials with me to the LSS for the fortnightly session.  I planned to complete two more layouts using the “stitch and rip” technique I mentioned in the previous post, however, when I started pushing the paper around- my choice of papers, etc wouldn’t have ‘worked’.  I still included some machine stitching though- and even managed to change the machine settings from straight stitch to ‘zig zag’ all on my own! (No mean feat for a dreadful sewer like me!)

The starting point of this layout was the chipboard “peas in a pod” that I had sitting in my stash and I thought that they would suit the journalling I had in mind.     The pieces came raw- ready to colour and assemble.   I had a few hiccups trying to colour the chipboard to match my layout-but in the end managed to get it to come together

Journalling reads….. “I’ve heard it all- twinnies, double trouble, it takes two, twinadoes (tornadoes), what a pair, twin terror alert, partners in crime, double duty, have fear- the twins are here, seeing double, two peas in a pod!  Nevermind all those sayings! Look at those little faces! We just think you are adorable ~5 months old”

These two layouts are an example of how I will take one photo and scrap separate layouts for each child’s album- in this case one more feminine for Erin and one to suit a baby boy for Adam. 

I have been asked by a few people whether I ‘survived’ the “stitch and rip” technique that we did at my LSS last fortnight.   Geez!  ‘survived’ makes it sound so meldroamatic (and I never meant for it to sound so melodramatic) but to answer your Question “Yes!” 🙂   For those who missed my previous post- The words “Sewing” and “Miriam” aren’t normally used in the same sentence- unless the sentence happens to be “Miriam CAN’T sew!” and at the last session at my LSS, Christine wanted us to have a go at “stitch and rip”.   So what does “stitch and rip” involve?  For those who aren’t familiar with the technique.  You sew scraps of paper onto your cardstock and then rip the edges of your paper scraps.  I’ve seen some fantastic pages where this technique has been used but I haven’t tried it myself as I tend to be a straight and simple scrapper and the thought of ripping something off your layout AFTER it has been stuck on-isn’t normally something I would do. Sometimes I like to ‘play it safe’ but I never said I wasn’t up for trying new things too! and…   Christine was even kind enough to share a clever technique that she devised herself that she calls “Fake stitch and rip” where you adhere your paper scraps with a thin line of wet glue and then use a mat pack, paper piercer and white gel pen to give the appearance of stitching. 

I decided to be brave, step up to the challenge and use the sewing machine.  In fact I was the first to approach the sewing machine and this may well be why only one other person was brave enough to use the machine after me!  (Everybody else did “Fake Stitch and rip”)  After a few minor mishaps with the sewing machine and a few loud exclamations and lots of knotted up thread I finally managed to stitch around my photos and sew on my paper scraps.  I’m not sure whether it was the settings on the machine or the operator (probably the latter) but I did it.  Yay!  I must admit that I ‘played it safe’ with my ripping- It looks really effective to rip right near the sewing- but I wanted to reveal more of the brightly coloured patterned paper.

So here it is….. my layout (again ANOTHER very old photo of my oldest who is now 6 1/2 yrs)


and a close up of one of the sections of “Stitch and rip”


Thanks for the enjoyable time, ladies! I always enjoy attending the sessions at the LSS! For tomorrow’s session I must remember to stop for a moment to sample a piece of cake.  I somehow didn’t manage to try a piece last fortnight!?

Wedding Stationery

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Well I’ve just got home from a workshop this evening.  The Hostess requested some items suitable for Weddings.  Over the years I’ve seen examples of cute cards where the Wedding invitation resembles a tuxedo jacket and I wanted to have a go at a nice simple one.   Here’s my take……. Plus a matching box.


Colours are Bravo Burgandy and Always Artichoke plus some Kraft (I’m really liking Kraft on my scrapbook pages at the moment so it was an obvious choice) The cardstock secured to the inside is Very Vanilla and it would be easy enough to run this through the printer to add the invitation details.  The stamp featured is from Boho Backgrounds and the Baroque Border Wheel

The Box was super simple to make.  I simply printed the box template straight onto my cardstock, trimmed to size and then used my Bone Folder to make folding easy.  I would recommend using a small circle punch on the edges to make it easy to open the sides.

Special Requests!

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I have had a special request and I love to make people happy- and spread a bit of Christmas cheer- so I am happy to make a great offer available!

A little while ago I offered my special Wish List Program (please see the previous post for details ) I am happy to EXTEND this offer until Monday 8th December for customers who would love to add items from the new Summer Mini Catalogue to their Christmas stockings. (Summer Mini commences on the 1st of December! and…… This of course reminds me that there is only TWO weeks left to purchase items from the SPRING Mini.   It is possible that we may not see these products appear in future catalogues so if you see something you like then please contact me before the end of November!)  Please get in touch with me if you would like to RECEIVE OR GIVE the gift of Stampin’ Up! Products for Christmas

I have also had a Special Request for GIFT VOUCHERS!   People have heard whispers that SALE-A-BRATION IS COMING in January and February next year and they are keen to receive a gift voucher for Christmas that they can redeem in January or February during SALE-A-BRATION.  So far the only details I can offer about SALE-A-BRATION is “YES- it is happening in January and February 2009!”  

During SALE-A-BRATION 2008, for every $100 that was spent on regular catalogue items- customers could receive a FREE Sale-a-bration Stamp set.   No details have been revealed to demonstrators yet- but if the specials from last year’s SALE-A-BRATION are anything to go by- then it is definitely going to be an exciting time on the Stampin’ Up Calendar!

How wonderful would it be to receive a $100 gift voucher that you can use to select Stampin’ Up! products and on top of that you could receive a FREE Sale-a-bration Stamp Set!? 

Contact me if you would like me to play “Secret Santa” to help organise a gift voucher for YOU to receive at Christmas OR to organise a the gift of a voucher for a friend!

(08) 90917655

10 minute card



Here’s a card I whipped up quickly this afternoon.  My son, Jared is off to a birthday party this evening-his first SLEEPOVER party! I wasn’t given a lot of notice about the party which is fine but given that it was a hectic day today- I didn’t have a lot of time to create a handmade card.  Just for fun I set myself a time limit of 10 minutes to decide what I was going to do and stick it all together. 

I ended up using the cardstock stickers and patterned paper from the Round Up Simply Scrappin’ Kit as the starting point of my card.   It is hard to tell in the photo but I ran the patterned paper through my cuttlebug.  As the Birthday boy is turning 7- I used my sage shadow marker to colour the 7 on the cuttlebug folder- so that when I ran the paper through my cuttlebug-ink transferred on to the number 7.  It looks really effective inking up all the sections of the cuttlebug folder- but for this card I wanted to highligh the number 7.  

 I punched out the middle of the cardstock sticker using my 1 3/8 inch circle punch so that I could further highlight the number seven- and then later adhered the circle that was punched out of the centre elsewhere on my card.  That same punch was used for the punching out the sentiment from the “Party Punch” Hostess Set

Although the cardstock stickers are self- adhesive I wanted to lift some areas so some of the cardstock stickers are adhered using dimensionals.    There wasn’t much more too it other than inking the edges of some of the accents using a sponge and sticking it all down!

Now I just need to get Jared to write on the inside- and pack his bag!

Not so happy snap!

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Every year since having kids I have always sent out Christmas cards with photos of the kids.  This year I have to try and squeeze FOUR kids onto one card.  On the weekend I pulled out the camera spontaneously and thought I would try to get a few nice shots of the kids- Although I hadn’t planned a “photo shoot” I was hopeful that there might be a decent shot I could include on some Christmas cards.  Ah! What a disaster!

I was having a bit of a chuckle at one of the shots! Let’s just say this one definitely WON’T be appearing on the Christmas cards!

How exciting! Stampin’ Up are offering not ONE but TWO Specials during the month of November.  Wow! It feels like Christmas has come already!
Rub on some happiness!

Get 20 percent off all Rub-Ons when you spend $20 on Stampin’ Up! products.

For only $15.96 per package (regularly $19.95), you can get any of Stampin’ Up!’s fun and unique Rub-Ons that can be used on cards, scrapbook pages, crafting projects, and more!

Item #  Page #  Description 
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Urban West Rub-Ons 

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Cherished Memories Rub-Ons 

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Anchored Rub-Ons 

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Eastern Elegance Rub-Ons 

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A Perfect Day Rub-Ons 

*From the Spring 2008 Mini Catalogue

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