June 4, 2009 – Miriam Thomas

Day: June 4, 2009

Today I found my youngest- Luke 14 months-almost to the top of Jared’s (7yrs) bunk bed.  My immediate thought was “Oh my goodness- I’m so lucky I came to investigate why he was so quiet before he came to any harm!” 

Now that my heart has stopping racing I have found myself reflecting on the fact that this little bubba seems to be in such a hurry to grow up! I was inspired to flick through some scrapbook pages of my other little ones- in search of pages of them at the same age. I don’t remember my other kids being quite as mischievious as Luke.   In doing so I stumbled across some pages I completed earlier this year and didn’t get around to showing on my blog.  These photos aren’t recent shots- most are from about 2 years ago and earlier.  After a recent comment on my blog from a friend who says she hasn’t seen a lot of multi-photo layouts from me recently- I thought I would show her just how many multi-photo  layouts I do! 🙂   I hope this gives you the multi-photo layout fix you were after, J! (Wink!)











It has been such a COLD day here in Kalgoorlie.  The coldest day I remember in a long time- perfect weather for staying indoors and scrapbooking.  Do you need some more scrapbooking supplies to make it through the Winter 🙂 Please get in touch if I can help you out with ordering some supplies.

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