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My Christmas cards


Ahhhhh! – I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely Christmas yesterday and relaxing Boxing day today.  One of the kids asked me why it was called Boxing day and I told them it was because our house was filled with lots of boxes.   (It is only a white lie because the origins of “boxing day” does involve boxes- just not the mountains of boxes in our house!)   We still have lots of packaging around the house…and even gifts still inside the packaging and LOADS of toys and gifts that don’t have a home yet….I’m really not sure where I am going to put it all.  Next we are hoping that we will be celebrating Christmas in our new house (that we are building just up the road from here) Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Well- now that Christmas Day is over and (hopefully) everyone has received their cards then I can finally post my Christmas cards here.  This year’s design happened quite by accident.  You see I like to incorporate a photo of my kids on the front of the card.  This year I had 4 separate photos that I arranged in two rows of two photos (like a window with 4 window panes)  I had seventy images printed off but when I went to make my card I realised it was too large to fit on my card front nicely (and still be able to add a bit of embellishment)  I decided to make an INTERACTIVE card instead.  I cut each photo out individually and added them to a strip.  When you pull on the bottom tab the photos flip over one by one.

Here are some images to show you what I mean.  Heres is the front of the card…


Pull gently on the tab and the photo starts to flip up and over

Keep pulling down on the tab and the second photo is revealed…….

Up goes the second photo…..

……and the third photo is revealed

Keep pulling and the fourth and final photo is revealed.  The Christmas message on the tab has also been revealed.

Here are just some of my cards waiting for me to add my Christmas messages and address the envelopes! I hope everyone who received a card was able to work out how to flip the photos over.  (Jason- my helpful husband thought I should include operating instructions on the inside!) 



The truth is that it wasn’t that tricky.  I would be more than happy to show you how! I have quite a few spots available for January.  If you book a workshop I would be happy to show you and your friends how to make a variation of this card.  January is also a great time to book a workshop because there are loads of stamps sets drastically reduced until the 24th of January!  Check out the savings to be made!!!  If you aren’t able to host or attend a workshop in January and would like to take advantage of these great specials, please feel free to give me a call or send me an E-mail.  I would be more than happy to process an order for you and I can have it shipped to you anywhere in Australia! OR (08) 90917655 or 0419 947 047.

Before signing off- here is a photo of my 4 cherubs with Santa!  Those with 4 children can appreciate just how tricky it is to get a photo with all 4 kids looking in the general direction of the camera.  Aren’t they cute?

Christmas Eve tales

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Do you ever have those moments where you doze off in front of the tv and when you wake up you feel a bit disorientated……… It takes a moment to work out how long you’ve actually been asleep……… Do you know the feeling?     Well- I had a similar experience this morning.  I woke up with a start this morning.  I went from a deep sleep to jumping out of bed.   You see I thought I had dozed off to sleep on Christmas Eve and forgotten about “leaving the door open to let Santa in” (If you know what I mean)    I looked to the side of my bed and my husband wasn’t in the bed.  I thought to myself “Oh my goodness he must have fallen asleep in front of the tv again and he has forgotten too! ”  I then heard the sliding door leading to the children’s rooms and immediately ran from the bedroom- thinking “Oh my gosh- it is the kids heading for the loungeroom they are going to be SOOO disappointed to not see anything under the tree!!!”  I was still half asleep and almost ran straight into the door frame trying to reach the kids before they made it into the lounge room.  I was greeted by my husband who was standing near the sliding door.  I hissed at him (still half asleep) “Don’t let them though!”  and then pointed to the Christmas tree with NO presents.  He of course looked at me puzzled and said “It was me closing the sliding door.  The kids are still in bed”……. I’m sure he thought I had totally lost the plot but then he caught on……”and it isn’t Christmas yet”.    I then woke up a little more and realised that I was a day ahead of myself…….. 🙂  Don’t worry- go ahead and laugh.  Every time I have thought about it today it has made me giggle.

Anyway- it is now later in the evening and the kids have just crawled into bed after returning home from looking at the Christmas lights displays.   Before letting Santa in to leave some presents under the tree I thought I would write a quick blog entry to share my Christmas Eve tale and also show you some of the ways I packaged some small Christmas gifts.

First, some simple Christmas pouches made with a stamp from “Winter Post” and the “Holiday Treasures” designer series paper.  I used the Eyelet border punch along the edge of the patterned paper.

Here are some simple gift bags


and…..a Close up of the tag.. I used white embossing powder with a small amount of glitter added to the embossing powder.  It doesn’t show up well in the photo… but there is a nice touch of sparkle

At the end of the school term I also spend some time in my kids’ classrooms helping the kids to make some Christmas cards to give to their family and we also made some packaging for “Rudolph’s spares“.   I have made these cute bags filled with “Jaffas” before  and you can see them here I wanted to make a more simple version with the kids (bearing in mind that the kids were aged 5-7 years) and so used the stamp from “Forest Friends”

Anyway I have a few little jobs to get done this evening.  Christmas is only one sleep away….and I want to be sure I actually get some sleep. 

Oh…and before you think I have forgotten- I will definitely show the Christmas cards I made this year for some friends and family.  There are still a few family members who are yet to receive their cards and I wanted to give them in person before posting on  my blog… so stay tuned!


Teacher gifts


Today marks for the first day of school holidays here.   I love the school holidays as it is generally a break from the normal hectic routine.  I have an insane amount of stuff to get done in the next week in the lead up to Christmas but I am very much looking forward to the relaxation that will come after Christmas.

It was quite surreal picking up my kids from school yesterday afternoon knowing that it was the last day of Pre-Primary for Erin and Adam and also the last day of Year 2 for Jared.  They have had such great Teachers and Education Assistants this year and the kids said thank-you with a little gift they gave their Teachers and EAs at this beginning of the week!

Each little box had an item of jewellery for the teachers and assistants.  The kids picked out the items that they thought they would like best.

Each box with embossed with either gold or silver embossing powder and the BAROQUE wheel.  I also embossed one of the layer of the butterflies (from BUTTERFLY PRINTS) on the top of the boxes.  I placed a rhinestone in the centre of each butterfly.  The rhinstones are actually the centres from the rhinestone brads.  The brads are silver around the edges and I didn’t think they would work on the boxes I had embossed with gold embossing powder so I removed the rhinestones from all of the fixtures and secured them in place using glue dots.

I used a circle punch on the front of each box to make it easier to flip the lid on each box and reveal the goodies inside!

Each box was finished off with a strip of ribbon to match the colours in the item of jewellery inside.

Sweet Treat cups


The cards I have to show you today are super cute.  I have used the Sweet Treat cups on page 8 of the catalogue.  They come in a pack with a dozen sweet treat cups.  They are one of things that really grabbed my eye in the catalogue because of the cute factor.  It is so easy to whip up a cute card that will be unique at a child’s birthday party.  They would also be a cute way to package party favours at a child’s birthday party or a baby shower.

Here’s the first card was a card I made for my niece using the KALEIDOSCOPE Designer series paper from the Summer Mini Catalogue…..

For this card I wanted to create a little sliding door at the back of the card so that my niece could easily get to the lollies.

The view from the front

The view from the inside of the card….

I must admit that due to poor planning on my behalf I found it tricky to get the circles to line up on the card.  The sweet treat cups can be used with the NEW 4.4cm circle punch and of course the punch does not reach right into the middle of a regular sized card.  In hindsight it would have been SO much easier to create a little door on a card that was smaller because I would have been able to get the punch to reach right into the centre of the card…..but of course I didn’t think of that at the time.  As I was so focussed on getting the circles to line up on the layers I was less focussed on getting the petals on the flower evenly spaced (oops!) but I’m sure you still get the idea! 🙂

Anyway- when it came time to make the second card for one of my nephews I decided I wouldn’t create a sliding door this time.  For this card I just let the sweet images on the TALL TALES Designer series paper do all the work!

I simply cut out the zebra in the hot air ballon and stuck it down on another area of the patterned paper so it was floating above the tree tops.  I simply peeled off the adhesive backing on the sweet treat cups and put it in place on the balloon in the image! Super easy!

Are you interested in ordering some of these sweet treat cups.  They are only $6.50 for a pack of 12.  You can also purchase a pack of 3 sweet treat padded envelopes so that you can keep your card safe if you were posting your card.   Of course, the 4.4cm circle punch is a must have!   Please get in touch with me to place your orders  or (08) 90917655 OR 0419 947 047

Mini Album Tutorial

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It has been brought to my attention that the paypal button I created for my Mini Album Instructions was not working. I have just corrected this. My most sincere apologies to those who have tried to order instructions and found that the link wasn’t working.

You can order your instructions for only $10 by clicking on the paypal button


For further details about ordering the mini album please check out my blog entry by clicking on the image below…..

Until 24 January, 2010 you will get amazing discounts on select, high-quality Stampin’ Up! products with no minimum purchase, and no limits to how many you can purchase!

To view the complete list of sale items- please click on the link below


The Inventory Clearance Sale products are only available at their discounted price during the promotion period. All items are products that are featured in the 2009-2010 Idea Book & Catalogue, however they are all square cut stamp sets rather than the die cut stamps.

There is no minimum purchase required to receive the discount and there is no limit to the number of Inventory Clearance Sale items you can purchase. Sounds great- but what’s the catch? Inventory Clearance Sale items are only available at the sale price while supplies last………………. So please be sure to get in touch with me!

When I saw the White Staz-on ink the SPRING Mini Catalogue I added it to my MUST HAVE list as it is the perfect kind of ink to stamp on the Stampin’ Up! cellophane bags. I could just imagine stamping gorgeous snow flakes all over the bags at Christmas time. I got the opportunity to show a few customers this neat ink however the Spring Mini catalogue ended before I knew it and I was really hoping to show more people. Can you imagine how thrilled I was when we received an update from Stampin’ Up! to say that this particular product would be appearing in the next main catalogue and we are able to continue to sell this item even though the Spring Mini has finished. There are a few other items that are still available too!


112534 Jumbo brads 5/16″ Neutrals Assortment $15.50
112533 Jumbo brads 5/8″ Neutrals Assortment $13.50
114889 Scallop Oval punch $30.95
106960 StazOn ink pad (White pad and refill) $22.95
109196 StazOn Cleaner $9.95

Anyway- back to the the white STAZ-ON Ink…..

Here are some cute little bags I made that were inspired by a project Bonnie demonstrated at Perth Regionals. I have stamped all over the LARGE cellophane bags using the snowflake stamp from WINTER POST

The little box inside is separated into 4 little compartments as shown

I then made an assortment of tags using various Christmas stamp sets which were placed inside the compartments before sliding into the cellophane bag and tying with ribbon.

A hostess received this cute little box in a cellophane bag as her little thank-you gift for hosting a demonstration at her place. Of course she was also able to select Stampin’ Up! merchandise of her choice and also able to select from a range of stamp sets only available to hostesses. Does this sound good to you? Please be sure to get in touch as I would be more than happy to conduct a workshop for YOU and your friends.

Published layouts

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I have a couple of layouts that were published in the current issue of SCRAPBOOKING MEMORIES. The one with this cover……..

I have been SOOO busy with various events in the lead-up to Christmas that I haven’t even had a chance to sit down and have a proper browse through the magazine (I’m sure you can all relate to the craziness during the silly season) Still the same- I wanted to take a few snapshots and share my little piece of news with you.

There is one layout of Adam on page 45

and one of Erin on page 100

I’m sorry they aren’t the best shots- Best to view them in the magazine itself! 🙂

The Summer Mini is here


I am so thrilled that the Summer Mini Catalogue commences today!

There is SOOO much Yummy stuff in the catalogue that I really don’t know where to begin.  You can check it out online on the link to your right.  My wonderful customers will start receiving their own copy in the mail very soon! Please keep an eye out for your copy.  If you don’t receive one soon- and would like one- please let me know and I will happily post one to you!

One of my favourite items from the catalogue is the circle scissors.  It is a neat tool that allows you to cut circles up to 16cm.  You use the circle scissors on a glass cutting mat (also available in the Summer Mini Catalogue)  I also recommend purchasing some dotto (main catalogue) to temporarily hold the cardstock in place when cutting.  Here it is- ready to make a cut in some Close to Cocoa cardstock…..

You can also use it to cut “rings”  (as pictured below)

I used the close to cocoa circle and more mustard ring on the following project- A notepad holder.

and here is the notepad holder open

Isn’t that stamped image on the cover just divine!?  It is a stamp from the new Summer Catalogue called “Razzle Dazzle”  The moment I saw it- it was added to my “must have” list!

So…. what are you waiting for?  Go check out the catalogue.  If you want to start ordering the items on your “must have” list- please be sure to get in touch with me.  I am more than happy to play “Secret Santa” if you have a long wish list and would like to receive the gift of Stampin’ Up products for Christmas.   Please get your “significant other” to  get in touch with me. I will even gift wrap your products so all you need to do is pop it under the tree.   To guarantee delivery prior to Christmas- please place your orders before the 10th of December.  Gift vouchers are also available (right up until Christmas Eve)

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