November 3, 2011 – Miriam Thomas

Day: November 3, 2011

My “Studio”


One of the important features in the planning of our new home was my little creative space!   We’ve joked around and called it ‘my studio’ just for fun and to make it sound ‘fancy’…but really it is a special room in the house just for me….and I LOVE it!

I’ve had lots of people request that I share some photos and it is just one of those things that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of my huge ‘to do list’.  Well today is no different- I still have a huge ‘to do list’ but I’m having ‘one of those days’ where there is so much to do I don’t know where to start! I figured “Why not procrastinate a little longer and take a few snapshots of my room!”   So I did!

Here’s a view of my work area!   The shelves at my head height tend to house my ‘newer’ purchases such as the items from the current Stampin’ Up! catalogue.  They also provide a useful area for displaying my pages and other bits and pieces.

This is the other side of the room.  I have Expedit shelves from Ikea under the window.  This little area is where I have my Bigshot.  My bigshot accessories, ribbons and other bits and pieces are stored on the shelves!

I love my red wall.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is one of my all time favourite colours so it seemed the perfect choice for me.  On this side of my room I have my computer, printer and phone.

To the side of my computer desk I have my shelves with my stamp sets.   You can also see in this image a set of white drawers where I keep an assortment of different items from mini catalogues, to order forms and envelopes and that kind of thing!

Behind my red wall is the storage area for my cardstock and patterned paper.   I also keep things like my workshop tote behind this wall.  I can access a cupboard from behind the wall.  I have items such as photos, scrapbook albums and projects stored in there!

Here’s another view of my work area.  The company who installed my gorgeous kitchen also completed the cabinetry in this room. I have the bench at a standard kitchen bench height as I like to work standing up.  I have also included a space in the design of my area that allows me to add a bar stool if I wanted to work sitting down.  There’s plenty of space on the bench for my ink caddies and embellishment caddies….and still plenty of space to make a mess get creative.    The soft-close drawers are deep, large and sturdy and I have lots of items in there that I like to keep close at hand- This includes things like my stamp cleaning supplies, scissors, trimmers, punches and other tools.  Behind the cupboard doors I have a variety of different embellishments, ribbons.  Although I like to have items at hand I think it can sometimes be too overwhelming to have it ALL out on display.

There’s still space in the centre of the room if I wanted to bring in a trestle table to create with friends  (Although I actually store my trestle tables in another room that I use when I have people over to stamp)

Anyway- I hope you have enjoyed your little tour of my little creative space!  I love that it is so functional and I’m very grateful to have my own little special place in the house!

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