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At a cardmaking class last month particpants made the following “Trishutter card” using the totally gorgeous “Mocha Morning specialty paper”  Love love Love the flocked paper in this pack!

We used the Simply Scored board (below) to mark the score lines on the card.

and here’s the card from a different angle……

See what you can learn to make at my cardmaking classes with no experience required? You should join us at the next one!   If you’d like to attempt this card at home then please check out the following link where I have shown the measurements used to make this type of card.  Happy crafting! 🙂


Gifts for Teachers

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Recently a friend said to me “Hey you’re a teacher! What would make a great gift for a Teacher!?”  I stopped and gave the question serious thought and it has prompted to write this blog entry.  This blog entry is for all of those people who have often wondered what a Teacher may like as a gift from the Stampin’ Up range of products.   I know I’m getting in a bit early here as we are only half way through the school year but given I was asked recently-I guess that theoretically there could be others thinking about what they could buy for end of year teacher gifts! ! Mind you the person who asked me has also completed most of her Christmas shopping thanks to the toy sales in the major stores- so perhaps she is just an ‘organisation freak’  (no offence intended of course!)

Anyhow- the friend commented on the fact that in the past she has bought things like bottles of wine, shower gels,hand creams  and chocolates.  All of these gifts were well received by the teachers. The downside was that they were all popular choices among the other Mums buying gifts and as a result some teachers were going home looking as though they’d visited Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory and received a ‘lifetime supply of chocolate’.    The friend even said to me- “Geez- How many bottles of wine could a teacher possibly need?” and then she realised who she was talking to and retracted her statement.

So….my friend wanted something practical, something that could be used more than once (unlike a bottle of wine or box of chocolates) and something that would make the Teacher’s job easier.

So here are my recommendations….in no particular order




1. A personal paper Trimmer



The school will obviously have trimmers in the Teacher’s preparation areas but no teachers would dare remove the large bulky trimmers BUT it so handy to have a trimmer ‘on hand’ in the classroom for cutting up mini sheets for spelling lists or mental  maths sheets and the like.  The Education Assistant in my classroom can attest to the fact that we use my personal trimmer A LOT! The advantage is that they are not dangerous like the large guillotine-style paper cutters so it is fine to have them in the classroom.

2. Paper punches

150- 154

Average price $33.95 but they

Vary from $11.50 through to $44.95

We have  a huge range of punches- circles and squares in different sizes, flowers, butterflies, owls, birds and MORE, The punches are so versatile in a Primary classroom. Just this semester I have personally used my punches for Anzac Activities to make paper poppies, a number of different “Maths activities” as well as art/craft work.  They are  also really handy for a variety of different games and things like charts/posters.  The kids love using them!

3. Stampin’ Around wheels

Pg 164

$11.95 small and $15.95 jumbo

Kids love to use these the Stampin’ Around wheels to make great borders and it is a fun way to develop fine motor skills and control in the younger kids.   We even have a great one that all “Music” teachers would love!

4. Crop-a-dile

Pg 148


The crop-a-dile is a versatile tool that will punch through a variety of materials-several layers of cardstock, chipboard, plastic, Music CDS with ease!   I used mine on Friday to easily cut holes in egg cartons so that the kids could thread ‘pipe cleaners’ to make legs on the very hungry caterpillar.

5. Glitter

Pg 145

$7.95- through to $26.95 for a pack with  pots

Glitter! Need I say more?

6. Simply Sent Cardmaking kits

Pg 136-137

$19.95- $23.95

Lovely kits complete with cardstock, envelopes and embellishments such as ribbons, buttons etc!  Handmade cards in a snap that look stunning! Perfect for a gift to give the teacher for her to  make cards OR you can buy the kit and make thank you cards for your children’s teachers!

7. Alphabet stamps

Pg 115

$35.95 – $77.95

Fabulous for the kids to make titles, charts and for the kids to practise ‘spelling words’ in a fun way!

If anything looks interesting to you- then please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!  I can order the gift and even gift wrap it for you and you can use all the time you saved boasting about how organised you are with Teacher’s gifts this year! 🙂

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