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My Christmas cards

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Ahhhhh! – I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely Christmas yesterday and relaxing Boxing day today.  One of the kids asked me why it was called Boxing day and I told them it was because our house was filled with lots of boxes.   (It is only a white lie because the origins of “boxing day” does involve boxes- just not the mountains of boxes in our house!)   We still have lots of packaging around the house…and even gifts still inside the packaging and LOADS of toys and gifts that don’t have a home yet….I’m really not sure where I am going to put it all.  Next we are hoping that we will be celebrating Christmas in our new house (that we are building just up the road from here) Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Well- now that Christmas Day is over and (hopefully) everyone has received their cards then I can finally post my Christmas cards here.  This year’s design happened quite by accident.  You see I like to incorporate a photo of my kids on the front of the card.  This year I had 4 separate photos that I arranged in two rows of two photos (like a window with 4 window panes)  I had seventy images printed off but when I went to make my card I realised it was too large to fit on my card front nicely (and still be able to add a bit of embellishment)  I decided to make an INTERACTIVE card instead.  I cut each photo out individually and added them to a strip.  When you pull on the bottom tab the photos flip over one by one.

Here are some images to show you what I mean.  Heres is the front of the card…


Pull gently on the tab and the photo starts to flip up and over

Keep pulling down on the tab and the second photo is revealed…….

Up goes the second photo…..

……and the third photo is revealed

Keep pulling and the fourth and final photo is revealed.  The Christmas message on the tab has also been revealed.

Here are just some of my cards waiting for me to add my Christmas messages and address the envelopes! I hope everyone who received a card was able to work out how to flip the photos over.  (Jason- my helpful husband thought I should include operating instructions on the inside!) 



The truth is that it wasn’t that tricky.  I would be more than happy to show you how! I have quite a few spots available for January.  If you book a workshop I would be happy to show you and your friends how to make a variation of this card.  January is also a great time to book a workshop because there are loads of stamps sets drastically reduced until the 24th of January!  Check out the savings to be made!!!  If you aren’t able to host or attend a workshop in January and would like to take advantage of these great specials, please feel free to give me a call or send me an E-mail.  I would be more than happy to process an order for you and I can have it shipped to you anywhere in Australia! OR (08) 90917655 or 0419 947 047.

Before signing off- here is a photo of my 4 cherubs with Santa!  Those with 4 children can appreciate just how tricky it is to get a photo with all 4 kids looking in the general direction of the camera.  Aren’t they cute?

5 thoughts on “My Christmas cards”

  1. Laurenne says:

    Those cards are AMAZING and your kids are very, very cute!!

  2. Sue-ann says:

    Wow, what a great Chrissy card! Thanks for popping in and commenting on my blog. Your kids look just gorgeous Miriam xxx

  3. Sue Madex says:

    The card is a stunner! And such beautiful pics of your children.

  4. Nerida says:

    What a gorgous card and the photos of your children are just lovely. Waterfall cards are so much fun.

  5. Sonia says:

    I love waterfall cards.
    This has got to be the best example I have seen so far.
    All I need to do is have a couple more kids to fill the spots. lol!
    These are sensational.

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