I’ve kept my promise but here’s a bonus post

Well Yay me! I kept my promise and posted EVERY DAY for a week.  I thought I few of you might pop back and visit again today to see if I could make it 8 in a row.

Here’s a fun card we created at a class recently using the HAIKU patterned paper. 

It may not be for everyone- but I liked adding the balloons from the “Crazy for Cupcakes” stamp set to add that extra ‘fun’ element.

2 thoughts on “I’ve kept my promise but here’s a bonus post

  1. Hi Miriam – that is a really cute card. Thanks for the frequent posts I have been enjoying them.

  2. That’s lovely Miriam! The balloons really add an extra something don’t they. I’ve been loving all your posts this week. Your creations are always so beautiful.

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