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I’m so excited by a new range of products in our catalogues!

Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamps!

I love to stamp on cardstock but now I get to stamp on cookies! How awesome is that!? You should have heard my excited squeals as I stamped the images into the cookie dough before cooking.

Voila! This was what I made! So simple! So easy!

The set I have is called “Holidays” but the others are also on my wishlist.  It is only $29.95 for a set of these stampers.  Please get in touch if you’re keen to place an order


Special Events


Now of course when it comes to packaging- we have lots of ribbon and the good ol’ cellophane bags that I rave about.  We have the medium and large size which are 10.2cm x 15.2cm and 15.2 x 20.4cm respectively PLUS a new size 2.5cm x 20cm. (Hey not so good for cookies I know- but they are still worth a mention).

In addition to this, there is a fabulous kit in the catalogue called the “Season of sweets Designer kit”.  This little kit contains everything you need for packaging cookies as gifts.  The kit contains

-12 gusseted treat envelopes with a window to show the treat

– 12 clear food safe cellophane bags

– 30 clear stickers to secure cellophane bag and treat envelope flap

– 2 sheets of designer cardstock stickers to decorate

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