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Father’s Day Cards

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Yes I know! I know! It was Father’s Day a fortnight ago- so I am a bit slow in getting around to sharing “Father’s Day cards.   We had a nice day celebrating “Father’s Day”.  The kids were busting to give their Dad their own special gifts including handmade cards and vouchers, little gadgets and poems, drawings and paintings, baked goodies and even a toolbox.    According to our youngest Dad has spiky hair, he’s about 80, drinks beer everyday, likes eating nuggets, is really good at cooking sausage rolls and likes playing on his ipad (amongst many other special attributes) Oh and apparently his name is only Dad- Not Daddy.   We spent some time at the park riding scooters and in the evening enjoyed a family meal at a local restaurant with extended family.

So enough of my rambling……  Here is the card I gave my husband from us.

SHIRT- Origami fold

TIE- From stamp set called “Best Dad Ever

GREETINGS From “World’s Greatest” (Single stamp)

and “For my Family

This great stamp set allowed me to also make a card for “Grand-Dad” (my Dad)

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