Not so happy snap!

Every year since having kids I have always sent out Christmas cards with photos of the kids.  This year I have to try and squeeze FOUR kids onto one card.  On the weekend I pulled out the camera spontaneously and thought I would try to get a few nice shots of the kids- Although I hadn’t planned a “photo shoot” I was hopeful that there might be a decent shot I could include on some Christmas cards.  Ah! What a disaster!

I was having a bit of a chuckle at one of the shots! Let’s just say this one definitely WON’T be appearing on the Christmas cards!

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One thought on “Not so happy snap!

  1. Teehheee! It’s hard isn’t it?! Look how big your little one is now!! They are all so beautiful :) I hope you got something useable – I am yet to tackle my 3 boys!

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