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Sharing some journalling

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I had a nice time attending the Playgroup Fundraiser on Saturday night.  Everyone who attended paid an entry fee and participated in raffles and had the opportunity to scrapbook and enjoy good company- what a great way to make some money for the playgroup-Definitely beats flipping sausages at a sausage sizzle- in my opinion!

I was pleased to be able to donate vouchers to order Stampin’ Up supplies.  Congratulations to the lucky winners!  Most of all it was nice to just get some of my own pages completed.  I managed four pages in total and just now I’ve realised that I only photographed three of them- perhaps the fourth one can wait for another day (otherwise you might end up with scrapbook layout overload!)

All three layouts had a bit of glitter featured on the page.  For Adam’s page- the pieces came already coated in glitter.  For Erin and Jared’ pages I didn’t have any glittery bits that suited so I inked the raw chipboard to colour and than applied a coat of Stampin’ Up! Two way glue and Stampin’ Up! Dazzling diamonds (which is easiest to see on Erin’s page- on the flower in the top left hand corner- the Stampin Up! chipboard brackets and also the flourish)


Journalling reads: You have this ‘thing’ that you can do.  You and Daddy are the only two people I know who can do it.  I’m sure there are many others who can but it is not as though it is a ‘talent’ that people would openly share.  It’s a funny thing you can do with your tongue.  It’s hard to describe but basically you can twist your tongue onto its side reveling the underside of your tongue.  Rolled? Folded? Twisted? I’m not sure which word best describes it.  I wonder whether it is ‘genetic’ or ‘just one of those things’  But either way, I think that is is neat that you have something in common with Daddy that no-one else in the family can do!”

Journalling reads “This photo was taken not long after you turned three years old.  You have had the responsibility of being “big brother” for over 12 months now! You are into all the BIG BOY stuff like riding your bike (with trainer wheels) playing in the monster sized sandpit in the backyard and playing with your mates but… I still see your “baby face”  Perhaps it is the mop of curls in desperate need of a cut or the expression on your face that reminds me of a baby’s toothless grin or perhaps those “big baby blues”  I think that no matter how old you are I will still see your little baby face.”

Journalling reads: “Most parents know how it goes…The room is quiet…you can’t hear the little one babbling in the next room… You know that’s GOT to mean trouble….and yes it was! When I got to the backroom to investigate, there you were with a packet of smarties.  Jared had been to a birthday party and had obviously dropped his smarties on the ground still sealed in the box.  You managed to suck your way right through the box to the chocolatey goodness.  Despite the laughter, I was quietly horrified.  You see, I had barely introduced solids and so far the only foods you had eaten were rice cereal and a selection of pureed fruit and vegetables.  Needless to say you weren’t impressed when I took them off you….but not before I had time to take a quick photo.

I hope that gives all of my visitors to the blog something to look at – and I hope you didn’t mind me sharing my journalling.  It is one of my favourite aspects of scrapbooking…. Don’t forget that I love reading what you have to write too- so I’d love it if you leave a comment to say “Hi” if you drop by to visit my blog!

6 thoughts on “Sharing some journalling”

  1. Kelly George says:

    Stunning as always Miriam. Love the ‘Smarties Pants’ page. Your kids are so lucky to have albums full of such love, care and enthusiasm. I’m sure they love them now and will really appreciate them 50 years down the track!

  2. Kelly George says:

    Oh and glad I won one of your vouchers too. Morgan is excited that we are going to (attempt to!) make our own Xmas decorations

  3. Liisa says:

    Miri, I was going to say I can’t believe you like the journalling the most but on second thougths I can believe it, never one to be lost for words – especially the phone messages lol 🙂 I find the journalling the most tedious bit, I never know what to say. And as always the layouts look sensational!! I’ll probably try and scraplift them too

  4. Claire Daly says:

    Absolutely fabulous Miriam 🙂 You are one talented scrapbooker!!

  5. Lisa O says:

    These pages are absolutely beautiful. This is the first time I’ve ever seen scrapbook pages where I wouldn’t change a thing. Perfect!

    You are so talented. I agree with Kelly, your kids are going to treasure them for the rest of their life. I can’t wait to have my craft room so I can start into scrapping again.

    P.S. Journalling is my favourite thing too 😉 Must have something to do with us both loving to type, write and talk. lol

  6. Sue M says:

    Love your layouts Miriam. Had a cackle at the smarties story. They are so quick aren’t they! Cheers, Sue

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