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A Single and a double

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For various reasons I haven’t had an opportunity to update my blog….but instead of providing excuses- I’m just going to do some sharing

The first layout I completed early last week.  I just didn’t find the opportunity to take a photo to post it here on my blog. This single scrapbook page uses mainly Stampin’ Up products and was actually inspired by the card on the third page of the Sale-a-bration catalogue.  I’m sure you will agree that end product bears little resemblance to the card- but it is where the main inspiration come from.  The Idea Book and catalogue and mini catalogues are jam packed with lots of great ideas for cards and scrapbook layouts- so don’t forget to use them as a source of inpiration.   

The background cardstock is River Rock and the edges are inked using River Rock.  The patterned paper on this page is the very Christmassy “Dashing” Designer Series Paper.  The title was cut using Real Red cardstock in my 4 year old daughter’s Cuttlekids Machine (that she received for Christmas but shh don’t tell her I borrowed it! )  The large scalloped circle comes from the “On Board Ginormous pieces” on page 141 of the catalogue.  I simply covered the raw chipboard using Old Olive Ink  and dressed it up with some bling.  The Old Olive buttons are from the Earth Elements Coloured pack on page 147 of the catalogue.    Last but by no means least the subject in this layout is the youngest of my 4 cherubs,  Luke (a few days shy of 9 months in the photo taken on Christmas Day) 

The second layout I have to share is actually two pages of a double-page layout.  I don’t often create double page layout but I simply couldn’t decide which photo to use- so spread the 4 photos over 2 pages.  The photos have been sitting printed for a couple of years- so I wanted to use what I already had on hand- rather than resizing and reprinting- and besides….. I wanted to tell the story behind the photos (which I will share with you)
















Journalling reads:

Oh dear- She’s done it again! She has you fooled too, doesn’t she!?  As you look at the photos I can hear you exclaiming “What a cutie!”  “What a sweet, innocent little face!” “Surely she couldn’t get up to any mischief?” Quite the contrary actually! This little girl is definitely “Disaster in Disguise” 


She’s not naughty- Oh No! Far from it! She is actually very well-behaved and always eager to help.  She is quite a lovely little doll and wouldn’t hurt anyone ……except herself!


At two years of age- I swear this sweet-faced little angel has had more accidents than I have fingers and toes!   She has fallen off things- onto things and frequently trips over thin air…..and she doesn’t just fall onto her hands.  If she trips she normally falls straight on her head The sweet fluffy hat she is wearing is actually disguising a little mishap. 


Sit back and let me tell the story……


The kids had been playing happily outside in the back garden.  Our main living area looks out into the backyard and I was inside getting

some chores done in the kitchen and keeping an eye on them from inside.  One minute the three kids were playing happily…. The next minute there was a blood curdling scream.    I ran outside to see Erin’s face covered in blood. There was blood pouring from the top of her head right down the length of her face.  I couldn’t tell whether the blood was coming from her forehead, from her nose- or her eye sockets.   I swooped her up, took her inside and placed her in the shower to try and wash off some of the blood and determine where the blood was actually coming from.  It turned out that she had a split right in the middle of her forehead that was so deep I could see her skull.  


I’m not 100% sure what happened, but it would appear that as she was approaching the sand pit she tripped and bumped her head right on the ridge of the sandpit.


I was feeling a bit queasy at the sight of blood and out of concern.    Although we were only a few streets away from the hospital, I was a bit shaken and thought it best not to drive with the three kids- so I called Jason.


I sat with Erin between my legs and a clean towel pressed to her  head to stop the bleeding.  She wasn’t crying or anything and just wanted me to take the towel off her head- To be honest I just couldn’t bear the thought of looking at the gaping hole in her forehead.   Jason arrived quickly and they both went of to the Emergency Department to have the wound stitched.  I stayed home with the two boys and we waited for their return.  


Apparently Erin didn’t shed another tear.  As they sat in the waiting area- Jason took photos of Erin using his mobile phone and Erin was fascinated by the photos.  When it came time to have the wound stitched she just laid there- perfectly still.   


She coped fine with the stitches in place and when it come time to remove the stitches it looked as though it had healed quite well. 


Then….a few days later ……….yep you guessed it…..she bumped her head AGAIN!  I was Teaching in a Relief position for the day and Mum was looking after the kids at home.  Apparently, she was trying to get her toy stroller out of her bedroom and walked into the door frame and split her head open in exactly the same spot!     


This girl is definitely “Disaster in Disguise”


4 thoughts on “A Single and a double”

  1. Val Western says:

    What a little toughie! I know how you feel about the sight of the blood! Stephen split his head open when he was about 6 years old and I am so glad my friend was there at the time otherwise I’m not sure how I would have gotten to the hospital!

  2. Sue M says:

    Oh my goodness. That must have been a fright and a half! Love your layout Miriam.

  3. Ros Oakes says:

    Love the layout and thanks for including the journaling. I am such a sticky beak, if ppl go to the effort to write a story, I love when they share it too… You son’s xmas page is so cute, I think I might have to steal that idea for some of our xmas photos.

  4. Haylie Dowson says:

    Oh I remember this happening….what a brave little girl Erin is, the story is captured beautifully Miriam – well done!
    Good work to Jason too for being the one to take her for the stiches 😉
    Keep up the beautiful work lovie!!!

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