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Making the most of your markers

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Although I started scrapbooking about 9 years ago, I am new to using Stampin’ Up! supplies.  When I placed my first order I was tempted by all of the gorgeous products and one of my problems was that I just couldn’t decide which ink pad colours to get.  I wasn’t sure which would be most used colours and obviously could not affort to buy every single colour.

I ended up deciding to buy a set of markers instead as they come in colour families and it gave me the opportunity  to sample the different colours.  I must admit that initially I was quite surprised by the price of $57.95 for a set of 12 pens and then later realised that the markers were actually a multi-purpose tool- and given the fact the markers could be used in so many different ways- the price wasn’t so bad after all. 

You see, each marker has two ends- one end has a fine point that can be used for writing or colouring and the other end has a thick tip.  I have been using the thick tip and colouring directly onto the rubber stamps rather than using an ink pad.   This is useful because if there are parts of the stamp that you don’t want to appear on the stamped image then you simply don’t ink up that part of the stamped image.  Think of stamps that may have an image and then writing underneath- you could simply colour the image and omit the writing (and perhaps even substitute the writing for a sentiment in another stamp set)

You can also use different colours on the one stamp as I have done in the following two cards.  On this Christmas card I have used mainly Purely Pomegranate ink but felt that it needed a contrasting colour to separate the writing from the images. 

I have used the same technique on this second card- so that the flower tips and stems can be different colours.

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