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Happy Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I hope everyone enjoyed a lovely day today- regardless of whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

It would seem that my husband is a ‘hopeless romantic” ……………. no I mean that literally- he is a HOPELESS romantic. No roses! No chocolates!  He decided today would be a great day to “spoil” me with a Wii Fit!   Not the most romantic gift…….but I must admit it was quite fun! (and that is saying a LOT for someone like me who is not normally ‘into’ things like game consoles)

I should give him a little more credit though….shouldn’t I!?

– He remembered it was Valentine’s day……………….without a single reminder frpm me- (Thank goodness for all of the advertising everywhere!)

– He has listened to me griping and arrived at a solution all on his own.  He has listened when I have griped about the fact that it is difficult finding the time to get to the gym with kids and it is too hot to walk in the afternoons with daylight savings.  He has found a great solution to “finding thirty” without having large pieces of gym equipment in the house.  It goes to show he does listen when I “have a whinge” and although it wasn’t a “romantic” gift- it was definitely unique and thoughtful! 

– He bought me a card- Yes it was a little ‘racey’ but he thought it was apt and at least the last line of the card didn’t read “I’m so glad you’re my husband!” (Yes one year he bought me a card that had that as it’s last line- obviously he didn’t read right to the bottom….and I’ve kept the card so I can taunt him every year!)

– He took me out for lunch today (Yes it was just a “counter meal” at a pub and we had the 4 kids in tow- but we enjoyed ourselves!)

– He remembered the bottle of red wine which I am half-way through!  I’m looking forward to finishing it when the kids are in bed!

– We really had a lovely day- as a family enjoying laughs and each other’s company- with no need for chocolates and red roses

And really……at the end of the day….. it is not about one day in the year.  It is about the everyday……….. and I couldn’t ask for a better husband or father for my children! I am so lucky to have him!

But seeing as it is Valentine’s Day- I thought I would share a little heartshaped basket made with Real Red Cardstock.  The background cardstock is stamped with Versamark using the flourish stamp from “Baroque Motifs”.  This just happens to be on the list of stamp sets where 50% of sales goes to the Bushfire appeal!   I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this versatile stamp set.  The front of the basket is stamped with the heart stamp from “A Happy Heart”  I have used black embossing powder for this lovely little heart stamp.  The basket is filled with “goodies” that are inside Stampin’ Up’s cellophane bags.  These cellophane bags come in three sizes (50 bags per package) and can be found on p 133 of the Idea Book and catalogue.


Please check back tomorrow- even though Valentine’s Day will be over I want to share another little Valentine’s Day project we created at a workshop last night.  (I forgot to photograph it and now it is too dark to get a decent photo so I will put one up tomorrow!)  Stay tuned! 🙂

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