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Ramblings about the passage of time

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Luke and I spent some time down at the Playgroup today.  It has been ages since we have been to the centre and it so great to see lots of lovely lawn down there!  There have been so many wonderful projects that have taken place at the centre- and the Committee members (a team of Mums who volunteer their time) have put so much hard work into the place.   It looks fantastic and just seems to be going from strength to strength-

I’m sure we’ll be able to make it along to a few of the sessions during the school holidays that start next week.  I’m sure Jared, Erin and Adam (who haven’t been to the centre since they attended a birthday party there) will love the new lawn! It will be such a great place for Luke to play when he is old enough to run around.  I’m sure it won’t be long before he is running around too- time seems to go way too quickly!

Speaking of time passing quickly……

Jason and I will be celebrating our NINTH Wedding Anniversay tomorrow.  Some days it seems like we have been married longer than that and yet other times it is hard to believe that our Wedding day was actually 9 years ago!  I’m not sure what we will be doing in the way of celebrating.  I’m trying to convince Jason to hold off on the celebrations until the weekend- perhaps we can get a babysitter and go out for dinner or something some time over the weekend.  You see, I am supposed  going to go the local scrapbooking shop for a Scrapbooking session.  Jason is mortified that I would actually consider going scrapbooking instead of celebrating our Anniversary 🙂 We’ll just have to see what happens 😉 

I will have to look at making a card for Jason tommorrow.  I made a card last night that I had intended to make for Jason.  I wanted to use some of the lovely ribbon from the Theatre ribbon pack and the love heart stamp from the Always set.  I headed off in a different direction than I initially intended and I’m not sure it is the right card for him.

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  1. Gail says:

    I think the card looks lovely, you can give it to me if you like.
    I am liking these Stampin’ Up products more and more.

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