It’s nearly October- are you starting to think about Christmas Cards? – Miriam Thomas

It’s nearly October- are you starting to think about Christmas Cards?

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Recently, there have been a few people asking me about wanting to make Christmas cards.   J and B this post is especially for you!  🙂

If it is Christmas cards you’d like to make I’d like to make the whole ordering process easier for you!  Personally I would recommend looking at placing an order soon so that you can start your cards now and really enjoy the process rather than feeling the pressure of the Christmas rush!

  • First place to start is the Main Catalogue (Just click on the green catalogue on the left hand side)


  • Go  to pages 25- 31 for lots of great Christmas stamps sets (and there are also lovely ideas for how to use those stamp sets. (You are spoilt for choice with Stampin’ Up! as there are also Christmas stamps sets on pages 20-22 in the Spring Mini Catalogue)


  • Once you have decided on a stamp set you will need to select some cardstock and possibly some patterned paper.


  • If you were to use some patterned paper, the two ranges of patterned paper I would recommend for Christmas cards are “Dashing” on page 136 of the main catalogue and “Holiday Harmony” on page 19 of the Spring Mini Catalogue.


  • The patterned paper you select will help you to decide which cardstock colours and inks you can use.  You will find the ink and cardstock colours on pages 129- 131 of the main catalogue.


  • If you want to add that extra special touch there are some lovely ribbons and embellishments on pages 146-147 of the main catalogue!

I would be only to happy to help you pick out cardstock colours and ink colours.  Please send me an E-mail if you are interested in placing an order!

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