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Well- We’re back from our little get away.  We had a nice mix of relaxing times hanging out at the hotel- swimming in the indoor heated pool and staying indoors snuggled up watching movies on the cool days and out-and-about enjoying fun times, playgrounds and shopping on the warmer days. 

Here are our four little cherubs in the hotel room!   Boy oh boy it is so tough trying to get four little people looking at the camera AND smiling.  No-one (including me) had the patience to keep trying for ‘that perfect shot’ but here they are…… Aren’t they adorable?

While we were away, we also spent some time visiting some display homes for some ideas for the new home we will be building.   (We have our block- now we need to decide what we’re putting on it!) It was lovely to receive lots of compliments from the consultants on how well behaved the kids were while we browsed at the display homes.  Anyway, our heads are swimming with lots of great ideas- Keep your fingers crossed we can get our ideas down on paper so that they fit on the block and also within the budget! 🙂   Let’s just say my creating room and a games room with enough space for my friends and customers are high on the list of priorities!   Exciting times!

We still have another week of school holidays here in WA- and I need to jump off my computer- but I will be back later on (when the kids are occupied OR asleep in bed) to add some more stuff.

3 thoughts on “We’re BACKKKK!”

  1. Lynda says:

    What beautiful cherubs Miriam!!! I only have 2 and I have trouble getting them both to sit and smile…so to get this…u’ve done v v well!!!! Glad to hear all your news. Stay well and stay sane!!

  2. Gail says:

    Gorgeous photo Miriam. L looks like he has grown these past 2 weeks. Love the curls. A looks like a perfect angel, J is doing exactly what he has been told, L is thinking about jumping and E is chatting…….

  3. Gail says:

    I just noticed the kids pants match the couch. Miriam…..I hope you don’t have patterned paper the same colour!!!!!

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