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3 layouts to share

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I finally got an opportunity to photograph my layouts this afternoon…. so I thought I would log in to share.  I have used non-Stampin’ up! products this time- although I used the heart stamp from the Always set on Erin’s layout (I think the Always set must be one of my favourite stamp sets at the moment)

People often ask me how I find the time to scrapbook with 4 children.  To be honest- the truth is that it IS tricky trying to find the time and I have an enormous pile of photos to get through but I really enjoy having the ‘me’ time- so I make it work! 

Consequently when I do have the time I try to make the most of the time.  On the whole my layouts are plain and simple and where possible I try NOT ‘re-invent’ the wheel every time I complete a layout.    Sometimes I will try to use the same sketch and complete 3 layouts about my 3 oldest children but just vary the papers or embellishments to suit each child. Each child will have their own collection of albums-so sometimes I scrap the same photo for each child if all three children appear in the photo.    That way there are no arguments from the kids when they wake up the next morning after I have been scrapbooking!

As I mentioned in a previous entry these layouts are from a session at the LSS.  Everyone who attended used the same sketch to complete their own layouts with their preferred products.  I am always amazed at how differently everyone ‘interprets’ the sketch and how unique each person’s page despite receiving ‘inspiration’ from the same source.  C- thank-you for the sketch inspiration for the following layouts.

So here is the first one includes some photos of Jared from nearly 4 years ago (I am trying to get some ‘old’ photos scrapped)

Here is a page for Erin’s Album- again the photos are from 2004

And here are the same photos scrapped for Adam’s Album but using more boyish colours.  You will notice that Erin and Adam’s sketches are reversed to suit the placement of photos.


I’m not sure how much scrapbooking and cardmaking I will get done over the next couple of weeks as our routine will change with the school holidays starting.  I am hoping that the school holidays will actually give me an opportunity to get a few pages done- as most of the kids’ regular activities stop during the holiday break.    Having said that- I’ll probably have to be out and about with the kids to keep them occupied.  I can see us making a few visits to the park.  Speaking of the park- G and J- had a lovely time at the park this afternoon- We should make it a regular ‘Friday thing’ (even if not EVERY Friday at least Friday fortnightly)

G- sorry to keep you waiting all day for this post:-)    You should give serious thought to trying to come along to the Thursday scrapbooking sessions next term! (and if anyone else wants details about the scrap sessions at the local scrapbooking store please be sure to let me know and I can pass on the contact details of someone who can give you more info)

2 thoughts on “3 layouts to share”

  1. Sue M says:

    Love your layouts Miriam. Great idea too on using the same sketch for a few pages in one sitting. Will have to use that tip! Cheers, Sue

  2. Tanja says:

    Love your layouts, just beautiful Miriam.

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