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Just Jawing

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One of the items on the GIFT GIVING GUIDE LIST is “Just Jawing” 

 I don’t actually own this stamp set but borrowed it from a member of my team recently and have had so much fun with it that I don’t think I will be able to resist ordering it for myself to add to my collection.

When I first saw it I thought of Halloween and given that we do not celebrate this holiday it didn’t really grab my eye and so I didn’t order it.    When Jared was asked to attend a “spooky party” by one of his classmates I realised I didn’t have a stamp set that would suit the theme.   I thought “Just Jawing” might be great to create a card for the birthday boy.  I asked my team member Jill whether I could borrow her set. 

It wasn’t until I brought it home and set about playing with it- that I realised it was far more versatile than I first thought.  The “You Rock” statement would really come in handy for cards for my oldest son’s age group.  Let’s not ignore the fact that I have two other sons who would also get some use out of it in years to come.  Contained within the set there is also a love heart, a flower and cherries.  Use these elements on the skull and simply add some girly colours and it would be ideal for a young girl too!  The Bow tie could just as easily work as a hair bow.   Even just the cherries used on their own would make for a gorgeous card.

Anyway this is the card that I created for Jared’s classmate

The ‘eyes’ were punched out of real red cardstock which had been stamped from the snowflake image in the “Snow Swirled” stamp set.  I added a rhinstone brad to the centre of each eye.  Spooooookky!

and here is the inside of the card with a pocket

I loved how the colours worked together.  I decided to use the leftover pieces to create a box- This time making use of my large star punch and small star punch.




You will notice in the background of the images there is a spooky mask.  My youngest son at only 18 months of age- was fascinated by it and in the days following the birthday party, he had a lot of fun wearing it around the house.  I snapped a few shots of him and so began the inspiration for my “swap” for regionals.

For those that are unaware, last weekend I went to Perth for the Stampin’ Up Regionals.  These training events are a great opportunity for Demonstrators to catch up, be ‘wowed’ by demonstrations and be inspired by the new products.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to “swap” card ideas with other demonstrators.  People normally make up a set of cards (usually multiples of one main design) they then swap with other demonstators and come home with a variety of different ideas.

Just to be “different”- I decided for my “Swap” I would create a 6 x 6 scrapbook page instead of a card.  I decided I would use the “Just Jawing” stamp set and photos of my youngest Luke.

I printed off 50 photos and set about cutting out 50 little skulls.  I completed most of the stamping and cutting at home but as usual I ran out of time before my flight to Perth.  As a result I bundled my unfinished projects into my bags and decided I would complete them over a few glasses of wine on the Friday night in the hotel room.

Picture the scene, three ladies chatting, guzzling sipping wine and creating together in the hotel room.  (My friend Gail, (who had come along as my guest to Regionals) was helping my sticking the project recipe on the back.  We went to pass piles to each other and the next thing Gail gasped and then called out “Ohhhhhh Miriam!!!!”.  I opened my eyes to find that the item I had bumped with my arm was actually the top of my wine glass and the contents of the glass were all over my nearly completed swaps. Every single swap had red wine spilt on it.  Fortunately the black cardstock background disguised the fact.  We set about laying out the swaps all over the floor to see what we could salvage.

In the process I managed to get wine all over the hotel carpets but fortunately had “Baby wipes” in my bag so we tried furiously to save out swaps and also scrub the carpets clean. The photos didn’t nearly capture the extent of the devastation LOL!

Here is Gail coming to my rescue- as she so frequently does (Thanks Gail- I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!)


Here is the culpit…….

and some of the damage that was done…..

Through a pure stroke of luck, Jill had decided she would also use “Just Jawing” for her swap and so she had this stamp set in her bag.  With a bit of assistance I managed to stamp more skulls, pull the red eyes off the stained skulls and assemble my swaps.  Fortunately I had brought a few spare items such as the project recipes for the back.

In the end we managed to ‘save’ all 50 swaps.   Can you believe it? No I can’t either

Apologies to anyone who received one of my red wine soaked  “Swaps”.  Perhaps I can claim that I invented a new “technique” Scratch and sniff scrapbook pages!

Here is a close up of the finished layout…….


I have more photos of Luke Playing dress up and I plan to use “Just Jawing” to complete a 12 x 12 layout featuring this stamp set!  Oh I definitely have to order it!

If you are tempted to order the “Just Jawinh” stamp set- please get in touch miriamthomas@westnet.com.au or (08) 90917655 or 0419 947 047.

and just to tempt you a little more- these are the “Swaps” that Jill created for Regionals.  I’m sure you will agree it a is a very cute idea!

7 thoughts on “Just Jawing”

  1. Miriam, this would have to be the best ‘save’ I have ever heard of! Thank goodness you had Gail on hand to help (along with a great sense of humour!). Scary-looking little toddler, but great layout, ha ha.

  2. Deanne says:

    Miriam what a great story and the card and swaps you made are awesome.

    I hadn’t really paid much attention to this set either, but with the great stuff you’ve done with it I’ll be considering it too!

  3. Sue Madex says:

    What a save! Super effort there girls!

    Love your swap Miriam, and Gail’s look great too with those lolly pops. Very original – love them.

  4. Claire Daly says:

    Love your swap Miriam, and sorry you lost all that wine 🙁 Great save though! I just LOVE that card and box you have made! I haven’t had a chance to ckeck on your blog for a while but your creations are amazing as usual.

  5. Love it Miriam!!! Lovely story too 🙂

  6. Ness says:

    These are awesome Miriam….I love this set……..there is so much you can do with it. I would love to have gotten one of these at Regionals……even if it had the wine stains intact!

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