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My kids love receiving little notes in their lunch boxes.  It is something I haven’t done in a long time but this is the sort of thing I mean.

The little envelope for the little note has been created using the Petite pocket die

as well as the “Just Add Cake” Designer Series paper (available for $11.37 until the 31st of August unless stock runs out beforehand)

Using the “Dinoroar Stamp set” I also made a 10cm by 10cm card.

I was able to use the Petite Pockets Die to make a larger size envelope.  I love it when you can make your Bigshot dies even more versatile.  Here are the two cards side by side so that you can compare the sizes

To make the larger size envelope it is simply a matter of folding your paper or cardstock in half BEFORE you run your die through the bigshot.  You place the fold so that it is just inside the blade of the bigshot die so that the folded side doesn’t get cut out.  Hmm- This is one of those things that I would probably be able to show better you at a workshop or ‘party’.  I don’t have step-by-step photos but hopefully the following two images of how it looks after a folded piece has gone through the Bigshot will help to explain what I mean

You may recognise the cute little stamped dinosaurs from my youngest son’s birthday party.  If you didn’t see my blog entry then please check it out by clicking on the following link  http://www.creationsbymiriam.com/?p=1850

Dinosaur Extravaganza


My youngest turned 4 at the end of March.  It is so hard to believe that it was 4 years ago this little delight made his great entrance to the world.  The poor kid will forever be known as “the baby who arrived at home on the bathroom floor because Mum and Dad didn’t make it to the hospital in time”  He’s pretty cute though- isn’t he?

Prior to his birthday he told me that he wanted a birthday with “Dinosaurs, Dragons and Unicorns”.  I told him that might be a bit tricky and he should think about perhaps just picking one…..so we settled on DINOSAURS

First came the birthday invitations (featuring the stamp set called “Dinoroar” and also “Party this way

Then came the special day!

We had decorations to suit the theme and the birthday boy, “Luke-a-saurus”

…….and lots of Yummy Party food that fitted the Dinosaur theme (complete with labels I made using my Top Note Die in the bigshot and also stamped images from “Dinoroar”)

(It is hard to see in the photo but the pasta is shaped like dinosaurs)

(Just for the record no baby pterodactyls were harmed in the making of this party food)

(I’m probably not the most talented “Watermelon carver” but the kids knew what I was trying to achieve)

(The ‘brontosaurus bread” had little dinosaur shaped sprinkles on top- which you may have been able to see if I’d thought to take the plastic wrap off before I took a photo…..but I was more concerned about snapping a few shots before the hungry 4 year olds descended upon the food table)

A dinosaur party would not be complete without a volcano cake.  When it was time for the birthday boy to blow out his candles we added sparklers to the top.

Here is the birthday boy after blowing out his candles!

Luke had a lovely time handing out the ‘lolly bags’ at the end of the party

Luke even helped to cut out the “Fancy Favour Box” using the bigshot.  We made the handles using the strip from the “Tasteful Trim” Die

…..and of course the loot which included the traditional chocolate bars, sherbet sticks, candy rolls, party blowers, balloons and lollipops as well as dinosaur foam shapes, dinosaur stickers, dinosaur tattoos, dinosaur lollies and little dinosaur toys.

He had a lovely day and was spoilt with lots of lovely gifts.  There were even a few kids who went to the trouble of making lovely handmade cards for Luke.  One very talented Mum made the following gift for Luke

She’s very clever isn’t she?  She should accept some orders from people- don’t you agree.  (If you’re interested please get in touch with me and I can pass your details on to her 😉

I think I had as much fun as the kids did at the party just getting everything organised.  If there is anything you would like to know more about then please let me know!

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