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I hope you’re not all “Christmassed out” because I have a few more Christmassy things to share with you.  Yesterday I finally finished packing up my Christmas tree and got it out of the house for another 11 months.  I have packed away the Chrissy cards….but before boxing everything away I snapped a few photos of some handmade cards that I received at Christmas time.

The first card was made by Liisa- It was the first handmade card to hit my letterbox and I was so chuffed that she had gone to so much trouble….  Liisa has used the Christmas stamp from the  “Cute and Curly” Stamp set punch and the matching curly label punch.  I think the Riding hood red striped grosgrain ribbon really finishes the card off- don’t you agree?


The second card was made by one of my best customers (and she also happens to be my sister 🙂 )  Linda has used the “Season of Joy Stamp” set and a selection of some of my favourite prints from the “Holiday Treasures” and “Ski Slope” Designer series paper packs.   I love layered cards- and think she has done a wonderful job!

The third card was made by Gail. I just love the use of the “Snow Swirled” stamp set to create these adorable baubles.  Gail created a trim with the Eyelet border punch and each ‘bauble’ was punched out using the scallop circle punch.

Gail also made this adorable box filled with little Santa chocolates and a lovely Christmas decoration.  This was a little gift that Gail had made for a little present exchange game at Playgroup.  The game involved making the choice between selecting a pressie from under the tree OR being able to “steal” a pressie from anyone else who had already made a selection.  Lucky ol’ me was last to have a turn so I was able to select any present I liked.  I am sure you will agree that it was worth “Stooping to stealing” just to be able to bring this home with me!

I’m sure you will agree that I am very lucky to be surrounded by such creative people!

With the Summer holidays bringing a change of pace to our little household I managed to find some time for some scrapbooking.  I have snapped a few photos to share with you…so please be sure to come back tomorrow.




Christmas Eve tales

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Do you ever have those moments where you doze off in front of the tv and when you wake up you feel a bit disorientated……… It takes a moment to work out how long you’ve actually been asleep……… Do you know the feeling?     Well- I had a similar experience this morning.  I woke up with a start this morning.  I went from a deep sleep to jumping out of bed.   You see I thought I had dozed off to sleep on Christmas Eve and forgotten about “leaving the door open to let Santa in” (If you know what I mean)    I looked to the side of my bed and my husband wasn’t in the bed.  I thought to myself “Oh my goodness he must have fallen asleep in front of the tv again and he has forgotten too! ”  I then heard the sliding door leading to the children’s rooms and immediately ran from the bedroom- thinking “Oh my gosh- it is the kids heading for the loungeroom they are going to be SOOO disappointed to not see anything under the tree!!!”  I was still half asleep and almost ran straight into the door frame trying to reach the kids before they made it into the lounge room.  I was greeted by my husband who was standing near the sliding door.  I hissed at him (still half asleep) “Don’t let them though!”  and then pointed to the Christmas tree with NO presents.  He of course looked at me puzzled and said “It was me closing the sliding door.  The kids are still in bed”……. I’m sure he thought I had totally lost the plot but then he caught on……”and it isn’t Christmas yet”.    I then woke up a little more and realised that I was a day ahead of myself…….. 🙂  Don’t worry- go ahead and laugh.  Every time I have thought about it today it has made me giggle.

Anyway- it is now later in the evening and the kids have just crawled into bed after returning home from looking at the Christmas lights displays.   Before letting Santa in to leave some presents under the tree I thought I would write a quick blog entry to share my Christmas Eve tale and also show you some of the ways I packaged some small Christmas gifts.

First, some simple Christmas pouches made with a stamp from “Winter Post” and the “Holiday Treasures” designer series paper.  I used the Eyelet border punch along the edge of the patterned paper.

Here are some simple gift bags


and…..a Close up of the tag.. I used white embossing powder with a small amount of glitter added to the embossing powder.  It doesn’t show up well in the photo… but there is a nice touch of sparkle

At the end of the school term I also spend some time in my kids’ classrooms helping the kids to make some Christmas cards to give to their family and we also made some packaging for “Rudolph’s spares“.   I have made these cute bags filled with “Jaffas” before  and you can see them here I wanted to make a more simple version with the kids (bearing in mind that the kids were aged 5-7 years) and so used the stamp from “Forest Friends”

Anyway I have a few little jobs to get done this evening.  Christmas is only one sleep away….and I want to be sure I actually get some sleep. 

Oh…and before you think I have forgotten- I will definitely show the Christmas cards I made this year for some friends and family.  There are still a few family members who are yet to receive their cards and I wanted to give them in person before posting on  my blog… so stay tuned!


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