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Card by Jared


I can’t take any credit for the card I am sharing today.  This card was made by my son.  He has a few characteristics that remind me of my myself and he has obviously ‘inherited’ my love of making cards….but shhh …..don’t tell his mates!

He did this completely unassisted.  He selected his own cardstock and patterned paper and it was completely his own design.  The only suggestion I made was to make use of the “Just perfect” alphabet stamp set.  This stamp set is one of my favourite alphas.  I’ve used it on quite a few scrapbooking layouts and cards and it one of those stamp sets that I am sad to see retiring from the catalogue.  Fortunately for me- I have this stamp set that I can keep forever but if you would like to get your hands on one- please get in touch with me as soon as possible as it won’t be available after the 31st of August (or before if stocks sell out before the 31st)

Another product retiring from the catalogue that is featured on this card is “Big Top Birthday”. You know what you need to do if you must have this patterned paper pack

Here’s a scrapbook layout I’ve displayed at a few workshops recently.   I wanted to include the ages of my four cherubs and the date the photo was taken but didn’t want those details to dominate the page- As a result I popped a Petite pocket (cut out using my Bigshot) on the left hand corner and included a tag (Two tags die) with those details

When I created the page I showed my husband who said “You’re not going to like this but you’ve made a spelling mistake in the title”  I gasped in horror thinking “Oh no- I’m going to have to pull stuff off my page to fix it”.  This was then followed by a bit a relief as I figured that at least the title had been created using a combination of the Timeless Type Alphabet (Bigshot) as well as the Just Perfect Alphabet stamp set so at least I could easily cut and stamp some more letters if required.  I looked the page over and just couldn’t see the spelling mistake so I asked him to point it out.  He pointed to the word “Treasures” and said “That’s not how you spell ‘Terrors'”  Hmm! 🙂

I’ve got a second scrapbook page to show you- but I don’t have time to post it right now so please be sure to check back tomorrow for that one 🙂

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