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I’m very much looking forward to offering more classes in 2013.  I’m still trying to work out my schedule as I have to factor in my part-time work as a Teacher as well as my Kids’ activities and other commitments.  At this time of the year I am still trying to work out which days will fit in best with family life.    To help guide me in my decison-making- please feel free to complete my survey

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some of the fun projects class participants completed in some classes prior to Christmas last year.

In one class we focussed on making Christmas tags.  Many of the tags could be used just as they are OR could have been attached to cardstock bases and turned into traditional sized Christmas cards

We also had another fun class where participants got to make a collection of “Reindeer Poop” and/or “Rudolph’s Spare Noses”.  By all accounts those who received these fun gifts at Christmas time really loved them.

As you can see, the class participants had a lot of options to chose from (Some may say I offered too many options 😉  ) but I really do get a ‘buzz’ from class participants going home happy with what they have made! Here’s hoping YOU can make it along to come classes this year!

Before school finished for the year my kids wanted to make bags with reindeer noses and reindeer poop to hand out to the kids at school.  I’ve made many of the bags over the years but never tire- it was lots of fun getting the kids involved.

If you search through my blog you may find other versions of these reindeer noses and reindeer poop

NB: Please excuse the quality of the pics.  I had to use my phone for taking pictures as I’ve been having issues with my camera.  These pics were snapped in a hurry as we rushed out the door on the way to school.  The kids were so proud of what they’d done that I just had to share them on my blog- dodgy photos and all!

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