October 5, 2009 – Miriam Thomas

Day: October 5, 2009

Sweet Baby Cards


I know a few people who have had babies recently so I was inspired to make some more baby cards. 

 I have made baby cards before using this romper-style but wanted one to be perfect for a baby girl and the other ideal for a little boy.

For the little boy card- I used the 3.5cm circle punch to create a neck hole and holes for the leg.  I then used the 3.5cm circle punch and the scallop circle punch to add the trims around the neck and leg holes.

The little sheep on the front was made using the scallop circle punch and the five petal flower punch.  The punched flower shape has simply been cut in half.  The 3 petals forming the head of the sheep and the side with the 2 petals form the legs of the sheep. It is difficult to make it out in the image as the legs are partially covered by the sentiment saying “welcome baby”.


The girl card was made using the same general design, however instead of using the 3.5cm circle punch to create leg holes I simply made the edges drop to form a dress.  The eyelet border punch was used to create the trims on the bottom of the dress and on the arms


It never ceases to amaze how versatile some punches can be! If you would like to add the 3.5cm circle punch and scallop circle punch to your stash- please let me know.  I would be only to happy to have an order shipped to you anywhere in Australia as soon as possible!

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