October 11, 2009 – Miriam Thomas

Day: October 11, 2009

Photos of my craft space


As promised I’ve got some photos of my craft room

Here is my little craft space- One of my favourite rooms in the house- the place that is affectionately known as “the tardis“.   

The room is filled with containers of different shapes and sizes- nothing seems to match- and I really need to give it a big sort through and clean up-  but it is my special space regardless.  We are looking at starting building on our block so I look forward to the possibilities with the new room in my new house….but in the meantime……  Here is my little space

This is the view as you walk in through the door


This is the view of the other wall when standing inside the room

and a little closer…

and a couple of my favourite storage options.  My Colour Caddy for my Stampin’ Pads and my Stampin’ Stack and store- with cute little containers for storing brads, buttons and other small embellishments.  I love them both!

And before I hop off my computer to tackle the washing and other chores- Here is sneak peek of my layout over at Stampamemory.  Click on the sneak peek to see the full article.

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