Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree……and one little special angel – Miriam Thomas

Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree……and one little special angel

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The kids enjoyed helping to decorate our Christmas tree earlier this month and I took a few snapshots.   They’re not the best photos but I was more concerned about making sure that the delicate ornaments weren’t being destroyed- so I ended up popping the camera aside and just focussed on the tree……and the kids.    Erin had been quite unwell with a virus of some sort (as you can tell by how miserable and ‘washed out’ she looks in the photo) but still wanted to be in on the action.-

I took a few photos of the angel that sits ‘almost’ at the top of the tree.  We have one large angel that sits on the tree and a smaller angel that I recall being on our family tree when I was a child.  I knew that she was ‘old’ but I didn’t know her ‘story’, so when doing some Christmas cooking with Mum I asked her more about the angel.  It turns out that she was the first ‘shop bought’ Christmas decoration that Mum and Dad had when they were first married.  This means that my little angel is about 45 years old.  Mum and Dad couldn’t afford a tree so she proudly sat on top of a branch of a gum tree. The tree was decorated in little stars that had been cut out of cardboard and coated in glitter.  Later my grandfather made a Christmas tree out of a broom handle and wire with some crepe paper adding that special ‘greenery’.  She later sat upon a ‘shop bought’ Christmas tree throughout my childhood.   I wish I had snapshots of her sitting on her former homes.  At least I now have a snapshot of her on OUR tree.  Who knows whose tree she might end up sitting on in the future


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